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Radiance Travel Trailer

Full featured luxury camping on a reasonable budget, Radiance from Heartland is a great value and all about family fun!

Remember – Tiara RV customers always get the most for their money. Our sales and service facilities are very close to the Howe, Indiana manufacturing facility for Cruiser and Radiance Travel Trailers. We simply pay less for shipping of RV’s and we have fewer overall carrying costs. When we save that kind of money on transportation and delivery, the savings get passed along to our customers. You’ll find some of the lowest prices on Radiance Travel Trailers in Indiana and Michigan here at Tiara RV. The Cruiser Radiance Travel Trailer offers an unparalleled experience for adventure-seeking travelers. With its sleek design and spacious interiors, this trailer is the epitome of comfort and style on the road. Featuring state-of-the-art amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, luxurious bedding, and a modern bathroom, this trailer ensures that you never compromise on convenience. The Radiance also boasts innovative storage solutions, allowing you to bring all your essentials and gear along for the journey. Furthermore, the Radiance prioritizes safety with its sturdy construction, reliable braking system, and advanced towing features. Its lightweight design coupled with aerodynamic profile contribute to enhanced fuel efficiency, making it an eco-friendly choice. Experience the joy of travel without sacrificing comfort with the Cruiser Radiance Travel Trailer. It’s time to hit the road and create unforgettable memories. Available now at Tiara RV Sales. 

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Many of the most popular models feature unique bunkhouse designs for the convenience of sleeping up to 10. (Do you even have that many folks you want to camp with?)  You’ll note that every floorpan comes standard with a King bed. Some are simple couples coaches, some have entertainment slideouts – and, there are a variety of different bunkhouse configurations.

Our customers love how easy these lightweight travel trailers are to tow. The use of aluminum-framed construction, laminated walls and aerodynamic front caps all contribute to lighter-weights and easier towing. No need for heavy-duty trucks – as these travel trailers are easily towable by a half-ton trucks.  Not only are MPG travel trailers more affordable to acquire, they are less expensive to own.  Lighter weights mean more miles to the gallon to operate.

Affordable to acquire, cost efficient to own – AND, more days on the road! Radiance is an Extended Season travel trailer thanks to forced air-ducted heat into an enclosed underbelly.  And, before their insulated floor is secured, MPG installs a full layer of Flex Foil insulation in the frame cavity. This insulation also lays under the holding tanks.  A separate heat duct is ran from our furnace directly to the holding tanks to force heat into that area allowing our products to be used in colder climates.

From hardwood framed cabinetry, hidden hinges, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and full extension drawers every Cruiser RV layout is designed with customer convenience and comfort in mind. You will enjoy spacious countertops, ample storage, and comfortable furniture throughout the coach.

Make Tiara RV your first choice for Crusier Radiance Travel Trailers.  Tiara RV’s retail and service operations are located less than 40 miles from Heartland’s Howe, Indiana factory. We always pay less in transportation, delivery and carrying fees than ANY competing dealer. We pass these savings along to customers like you!

Let Tiara RV make you the best deal on your new Cruiser Radiance Travel Trailer.