Outback Travel Trailer 2024

Outback Travel Trailer

With inventive design details, Outback continues to redefine camping adventures.  

Remember – Tiara RV customers always get the most for their money. Our sales and service facilities are very close to the Goshen, Indiana manufacturing facility for Keystone and Outback. We simply pay less for shipping of RV’s and we have fewer overall carrying costs. When we save that kind of money on transportation and delivery, the savings get passed along to our customers. You’ll find some of the lowest prices on Outback Travel Trailers in Indiana and Michigan here at Tiara RV. Keystone Outback travel trailers offer a rugged and versatile camping experience making it a highly regarded option for outdoor enthusiasts. The interior of the Outback is both comfortable and functional. The spacious floor plan provides ample room for relaxation and entertainment, while the well-equipped kitchen allows for convenient meal preparation on the road. The sleeping quarters feature comfortable bedding and clever storage solutions to maximize space. The Outback also offers a range of amenities, including a multimedia entertainment system, LED lighting, and optional outdoor kitchen. With its sturdy construction, versatile features, and attention to detail, the Keystone Outback travel trailer is a reliable companion for those seeking thrilling outdoor adventures without compromising on comfort and convenience. Available now at Tiara RV Sales.

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Outback’s interior sets the standard for unique and livable designs.  With bright, pendant lighting, the kitchen space is decorative and modern. Kitchen areas have designer inspired backsplashes for a modern look that’s easy to clean. In the living area, you’ll enjoy the 48” fireplace that’s the largest you’ll find in any RV anywhere! With oversized windows and custom roller shades, you’ll have a generous vista of the outdoors with the option of privacy and comfort.

Many Outbacks come with an outside camp kitchen that helps makes cooking for the family an enjoyable event.  This travel trailer truly combines luxury with functionality both inside and out. The Outback is one of the most popular travel trailers on the market for good reason; owners get more features for a lower price.  That’s the definition of VALUE.

Recent Outback owner, ‘Robert W’ writes “GREAT CAMPER!” We are really satisfied with the quality of this camper.  It tows great and setup I a flash…I really love the self-evening system”

You will get the most for your money with Outback from Tiara RV.  With our base of retail and service operations located less than 30 miles from the Keystone manufacturing location, we don’t pay for shipping of RV’s and there are fewer overall carrying costs. The money we save on transportation and delivery gets passed along to our customers.

Enjoy life on the road the way it was meant to be with your new Keystone Outback Travel Trailer.  We are pledged to save you more at Tiara RV!