The Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing Your First RV

Welcome to Tiara RV Sale’s guide to purchasing your first RV.  We hope to provide you with the tools necessary to make an informed purchase that leaves you with the correct RV for you and your needs.  This guide isn’t limited to those looking to acquire their first RV.  As the RV industry continues to evolve and offer more creative and specialized coaches, even current RV owners may need some focus on what is going to suit them the best.

Buying your first RV can be an exciting, but overwhelming task.  However, by focusing on a few important categories, you will make an educated decision on the right RV for you.  It is easy to get lost in the wide variety of models and options that are currently available in the RV industry.  While we encourage you to browse the variety of coaches that are currently being offered, it is good to keep in mind what is going to suit your needs the best.  Now, let’s breakdown a few of the key categories that are going to help you make your decision in becoming the proud owner of a new RV.

Traveling With The RV

One of the more obvious, but still very important, questions you need to ask yourself is how you will transport your RV.  The two broad categories are towables and motorized RV’s.  Towable RV’s are designed to be pulled behind a vehicle with a tow rating.  Towables are broken down into 3 basic classes: Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, and Pop Ups.  These classes require different hitches and are different weights. Motorized (most-commonly known as a Motorhome) are RV’s that are driven to the location you plan to visit.  Motorhomes are broken down into 2 basic classes: Class A’s and Class C’s.  Class A’s are bigger and typically are configured with a cab-over design.  Motorhomes allow you to drive the RV itself to your campsite, but limit you on mobility once you get to the campsite.  If you plan to drive anywhere during your stay at a site, you will consider having a vehicle to tow behind the motorhome.

Class C Motor Home (We carry Thor Four Winds)

Fifth Wheel Towable (We carry DRV Mobile Suites)

Travel Trailer Towable (We are a Keystone RV Dealer)

How The RV Will Be Used

How many people will be staying in your RV with you is a very important aspect to be considered when shopping for an RV.  The parameter of measure of RV’s that you will want to focus on is the number of people that the RV “sleeps.”


Once you have narrowed down your RV needs to the towable or motorized class you need and how many people will use it, it is time to apply your budget to the search.   At Tiara RV Sales we offer industry-leading prices and will help you maximize your budget to the best of our ability.


All of the before-mentioned specifications can be used on our website to narrow down your search.  Besides the “SEARCH INVENTORY,” menu found at the top of the website, once you begin your search and arrive at your first products page, you will be able to narrow your search as far as you would like.  If you cannot find the coach that fits the criteria you formed with the parameters above, feel free to contact us and see if there is any way we can help you find that “just right” coach.