Introducing the Montana Luxury Fifth Wheel RV

The Keystone Montana RV didn't get to be North America's best selling RV for 16 consecutive years for nothing. The Montana Luxury Fifth Wheel RV has been tested and tried and just a glance at a floor plan of a model reveals the quality that goes into the construction of the Montana Fifth Wheeler.

Montana 3811

Montana 3811 MS

Make no mistake, the Montana Fifth Wheel RV’s construction isn't just cosmetic. It was designed with expert craftsmanship and the highest industry standards to keep passengers safe and add luxury to the family road trip.

Montana Fifth Wheel Quality Construction and Technical Innovation

You might still be asking yourself this: Why should a Montana Fifth Wheel become your RV of choice? The answer is simple - quality and innovation. For nearly 2 decades, each Montana RV has been built utilizing the latest technology and stringent construction standards. When you undertake an adventure in this fifth-wheeler you are traveling with a confidence only possible with superior construction and design.

With every floor plan, comes an unparalleled level of design and detail. As a consumer, you are empowered to find the right RV...the RV that has been built with your family's safety and needs in mind!

At Keystone, they maintain that luxury starts with a solid foundation.

The quality of the Montana RV construction stands out even in the smallest detail:

  • Durable, performance engineered Dyna Span flooring that is designed to handle the demands of RV life.

  • Like a railroad track, the powder-coated I-beam frame is designed to withstand weight over time.

  • All aluminum welded frames that are lightweight, welded with precision and have powerful welds that won't crack.

  • The exterior is covered with automotive paint with 2 clear coats over it.

  • Our supercharged A/C system provides the same quality of heating and cooling as the residential A/C in your home with an in-floor heat-duct system. With Tuf-Lok thermoplastic couplers, it won't fall apart during long hours on the road. It has been designed to deliver even heating and superior performance time and time again.

  • A color-coded, numbered wiring system saves time during troubleshooting and repairs.

Quality design. Quality construction. Quality experience. The Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel RV.

Let's Roll!  Montana Fifth Wheel Key Features:

Spacious, functional, and dependable, the Montana Fifth Wheel RV provides the RV lifestyle and then some. Capable of handling thousands of pounds, the Fifth Wheeler was designed to handle your family's adventure. Forget roughing it in a cramped vehicle, this luxury RV has everything a family needs to travel comfortably. The average Montana model has:

  • A Fully-Equipped Kitchen in every Montana RV

    Go beyond having to go to a restaurant every night or relying on the microwave. You can prep, cook, and clean up after your family's meals in a modern sleek kitchen.

    Models like the Residential Living Package have a Furrion cooktop designed specifically for chefs on the go. With a sink, plenty of kitchen countertop space, under-the-sink storage, a refrigerator, and a pull-out trash can, the kitchen experience won't be lacking.

  • Entertainment galore in the Montana 5th Wheel

    When the day's adventure is over, more fun can begin with the RV's home entertainment features. Pop in a movie, play some music, or relax and watch TV as a family in the living area while sitting on the theater seating.

  • Personal Amenities

    What's often missed about a hotel when you're on a road trip? The comfort of a nice bed and a hot shower. You won't miss it in the Montana.

    Many models come with a king or queen bed with an iRelax high-density mattress for a good night's sleep. Need extra sleeping space? Pull out the sofa bed!

    You can also say goodbye to the hot, sweaty (or ice cold) road trip conditions. The Montana Fifth Wheel has an A/C and heat duct system that will keep your family comfortable mile after mile.

Luxury RV experience at an affordable price you can't beat. It's why over 100,000 of our vehicles have already taken to the road. Ready to take the leap? Hop into a Montana RV right now!

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