Keystone RV Brand

Founded in 1996 Keystone RV focuses on creating products that fit customer needs and provide a great ownership experience with over 1,100 service centers nationwide they are a top manufacturer of Fifth Wheel RVs and other RV models. 

One reason for their success is a focus on customer satisfaction and high standards for their products.There is a certain uniformity with RV design in terms of floor layouts and parts used so Keystone focuses on high quality and design features you'd actually want in an RV. 

For example, the electrical wiring on a Keystone RV is color-coded and numbered. While this certainly isn’t a flashy feature it's one that makes ownership far easier if you ever have to do any electrical work on your RV. 

This is just one of many specialized touches Keystone RV uses in their manufacturing process that makes their RVs rate so highly in customer satisfaction.  

Keystone RV Models

Keystone RV is known for their 5th wheel RVs however, they offer a full lineup of RVs of various designs, sizes, and uses to fit whatever your needs may be. Each RV line is its own separate product independent engineering, QA teams, sales teams, and manufacturing. 

This results in RV brands that are distinctive and unique for specific customer requirements.

Their product line includes:

Keystone Travel Trailers

Are affordable lightweight RVs that are designed to be used for short getaways, weekend trips, and other short-term outings. These RVs may be lighter and cheaper but they still offer plenty of room and appliances as well. 

A travel trailer can be a good purchase if you want an RV for shorter outings or don’t need all the features a larger model offers.    

Keystone Travel Trailer models include:

  • Springdale RV
  • Premier RV
  • Passport RV
  • Outback RV
  • Laredo RV
  • Impact RV
  • Hideout RV
  • Cougar RV

Keystone Fifth Wheel RVs

Keystone RV is known for their Fifth Wheel model line. As an industry leader in this area, their Fifth Wheels have a lot to offer. With 150 floor plans, you can easily customize these Fifth Wheel RVs to fit a variety of uses. 

They also include increased storage space, outdoor entertaining and cooking areas, two bath floor plans, LED lighting, and more. 

Keystone Fifth Wheel models include:

  • Alpine Fifth Wheel
  • Avalanche Fifth Wheel
  • Montana Fifth Wheel
  • Laredo Fifth Wheel
  • Cougar Fifth Wheel
  • Carbon Fifth Wheel
  • Fuzion Fifth Wheel
  • Hideout Fifth Wheel
  • Impact Fifth Wheel
  • Raptor Fifth Wheel
  • Springdale Fifth Wheel
  • Sprinter Fifth Wheel

Keystone Destination Trailers

Designed to offer more room and comfort so you can travel in style. Features such as a larger refrigerator, more windows, multiple bedrooms, larger bathrooms, a patio area, and an optional loft make them more like a vacation home than a traditional RV. 

Keystone Destination trailer models include:

  • Residence Destination RV
  • Retreat Destination RV

If comfort is your greatest concern with an RV is comfort a Destination Trailer is exactly what you're looking for.

Keystone Toy Haulers 

Offer a unique spin on the traditional RV. Aside from having all the comfort and living space you’d expect from an RV a Toy Hauler also adds a small enclosed garage area. 

This allows you to transport outdoor equipment such as snowmobiles, and four wheelers without pulling a separate tow trailer. Other features include a ramp for easy loading and unloading and a generator.  

Keystone toy hauler models include:

  • Carbon Toy Hauler
  • Fuzion Toy Hauler
  • Impact Toy Hauler
  • Outback Toy Hauler
  • Raptor Toy Hauler

Keystone Lightweight RVs

A common complaint with many RVs is how unwieldy they can be. Due to size and weight, many vehicles can’t even tow an RV because they lack the power to do so. A Lightweight RV is as expected lighter, smaller, and more aerodynamic. 

Despite being in an easier to tow package these RVs still include all the features you’d expect in a larger model. If you own a smaller more fuel-efficient car or like to move your RV often and want to make that easier a Lightweight RV could be an ideal purchase.  

Keystone lightweight RV models include:

  • Bullet RV
  • Cougar RV
  • Hideout RV
  • Laredo RV
  • Outback RV
  • Passport RV
  • Premier RV
  • Sprinter RV
  • Montana High Country RV

Final Thoughts on Keystone RVs

No matter what type of RV you’re looking for Keystone offers an assortment of models to fit a variety of RV specifications. When considering an RV, Keystone RV should be a brand you take into serious consideration.

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